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Riding the Second Wave to the Hybrid Future

Back to Normal, and the New Normal were two of the most common phrases over the last 6 months as individuals, companies, industries, and governments have had to adjust to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The much predicted second wave, seems not only to be medical but economical as industries and sectors such as hospitality and aviation are having to rapidly adjust to the ever-changing restrictions. Office workers have seen the government in the UK push for a return to the office only to see this abolished.

At my2be we have helped people, businesses, clients and communities through the crisis with our expertise and technology. The major difference we have noticed between our US and UK clients is that those in Silicon Valley, having established that they won’t return to an office until August 2021 were able to plan more effectively for their people. Launching programmes, and initiatives impacting Diversity & Belonging, Developing Talent, Wellbeing, and more. A great example of this is with Box, where we collaborated to shape and deliver a scaled Mentoring Programme to develop under-represented Talent using the my2be platform.

Office closures, along with the advancement of technology have created an entirely new way of working. Many organisations, are seeing the benefits of working digitally even when it is safe to go back to the office.  People and teams are no longer limited by the people that they sit with to collaborate and develop, entire workforces can engage in company-wide initiatives virtually, and we can reach and connect with more customers via video, with a significant impact in the reduction of our carbon footprint through reduced travel and commuting.

By utilising a modern tech stack with tools such as my2be, Zoom, Slack, Box, Okta, Office 365, G Suite and more, people, teams and entire organisations can deliver great work from anywhere. 

However, we are human, and we don’t want to replace or remove the benefits of in person contact. We therefore believe the future will be a hybrid model, with central hubs, shared spaces and local offices, but with a digital first approach allowing for the best of both worlds. Organisations are now looking at how cloud technology can prepare them for this new, hybrid future.   

We are helping organisations prepare for this using our expertise and technology to deliver:

  • Scaled Mentoring
  • Diversity and Belonging Initiatives
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Talent Development
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Employee Engagement

Planning and preparing for the “new normal”, as we all adjust to the restrictions and changes, will help us all move forward as we reach the hybrid future. We’re here to help, and look forward to sharing more thoughts and lessons with you as we move forward together.

To speak to one of the team about how we can help you and your organisation, contact us at