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Our bigger and better self-service onboarding

Today we’re excited to release our new version of the self-service onboarding.

As part of our mission to making mentoring accessible to every organisation, we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a self-service element to my2be, making it easy for you to set up a mentoring programme within your organisation in just minutes. Late last year we were proud to bring this to you in it’s first form, and after it’s early success we have listened to your feedback and made it bigger and better!

Cohort details

Control your first cohort in more granular detail, from setting the cohort focus, to the format you wish the mentorships to take. We’ve got all the bases covered.

Cohort details page on new onboarding
The new Cohort Details page


Give the end user a familiar feel by adding your organisations logo and primary colour.

Branding & Colours page on new onboarding
The new Branding and Colours page


We now have a longer list of integrations, allowing people to use their everyday tools and lessen the learning curve of a new platform. This list is growing, and we want to hear from you about what you’d like to see!

The new integrations page
The new Integrations page

Send invites

When you’re ready choose how to want to invite and onboard people!

The new invites page
The new Invites page

Getting your mentoring programme set up really is as easy at that. No more excuses as my2be takes the heavy lifting out of it for you.

What’s more, we’re currently giving you your first month free, no credit card required. Come join us, and book your free intro meeting so we can help you retain, upskill and empower a diverse culture within your organisation.

A free month and intro meeting with one of our experts? It doesn’t get better than that! You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain 🙂

This is an evolving piece and we want your feedback – how did you find the onboarding experience? Come take our journey with us.