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Mentorship with my2be

Mentoring is a committed relationship between a Mentor and a Mentee where a mentor with the necessary experience helps and supports the mentee on their journey.

Everyone works differently so we do not force how this is done; however we do have some best practices we recommend as set out in our Guidelines. Our process involves:

The First Meeting – The first meeting is a chance to get to know each other and set out objectives and expectations for how the relationship will work moving forward.

Setting Objectives – Agreeing on a set of objectives at the beginning of the relationship will enable the Mentor to sufficiently draw on their experience and knowledge in order to help the Mentee achieve their objectives and also help set expectations on both sides.

Setting Expectations – Expectations should be set out during the first meeting so that both the Mentor and Mentee ensure they are adding enough value to the relationship and are not left disappointed. This will help maintain a level of respect of each other’s time and effort that is contributed to the relationship.

Setting Actions – Each meeting will naturally produce a set of “Actions” for both the Mentor and the Mentee to deliver by the next agreed meeting. Most actions will be tied to the objectives that have been set. This will help you to understand the progress being made to achieving your objectives.

Feedback – Honest and constructive feedback is vital in any mentoring relationship for both the Mentor and the Mentee. We provide the tools to deliver the relevant feedback for both Mentors and Mentees.

Meetings – All meetings can be arranged through my2be, and added to your preferred calendar. You can choose the type of meeting, whether this is over the phone, via video, or face-to-face.

Progress – With your objectives set, actions following each meeting, and the relevant feedback, you will be able to see over time how much progress has been made.