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Creating a Talent Pipeline through Mentoring

Mentoring has been proven to retain talent within organisations with statistics showing that 77% of employees are more likely to stay in a job if they are being mentored. This is reflected in 71% of Fortune 500 companies having implemented mentoring in the workplace as part of their talent and organisational development strategies.

A global survey of 1,400 millennials, reported on by the Harvard Business Review and conducted by SuccessFactors and Oxford Economics, found that most millennials want feedback monthly, and 50% more often than employees of other generations.

Mentoring accelerates learning, leadership and development readiness, to give your talent the best chance of succeeding. This not only has a positive impact on company culture, but also on the bottom line, with each employee exiting a business costing an estimated $25,000, companies can save millions by investing in and developing their existing talent.

When implemented correctly, Mentoring not only enables your organisation to retain talent, but also to attract high quality talent from outside your organisation.

With my2be, we offer an open or closed network.

The open network allows for your employees to access mentors and mentees within and external to your organisation.

Benefits include:

  • Access to a wider and more diverse pool of mentors
  • Gain insights from different perspectives, enhancing their leadership skills
  • Act as ambassadors for the organisation by mentoring external members.
  • Create a strong talent pipeline 
  • Create a significant Social Impact through external mentoring.

Closed Network – the closed network keeps your mentoring purely internal to your organisation. 

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