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Boost Employee Engagement with Mentoring

The evolution of the workplace over recent years, with the rise of remote working, co-working spaces, and various communication tools has made it increasingly difficult for employers to keep their workforce engaged. Employee retention and Talent Attraction are some of the biggest challenges facing organisations today.

A more engaged workforce, leads to an increase in retention, so developing your employee engagement strategy is vital to your business. Mentoring is a proven way to increase your employee engagement.

As the workplace environment continues to evolve, there is an increasing focus on communication and collaboration. Mentoring relationships create a culture of collaboration, leading to a more productive workforce, with managers engaged in a mentoring relationship increasing productivity by up to 88%. This more positive workforce, further increases employee engagement.

Mentoring with my2be can help enables employees to have multiple mentors, both internally within the organisation and externally, helping you to increase your employee engagement and improve your culture. Our platform facilitates cross location mentoring, creating more opportunities for collaboration across geographical and cultural boundaries, both within and external to your organisation. To learn more visit my2be.