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A space to meet and collaborate – the new meeting page!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy trying to improve your meeting experience. Our aim? To design a space you can meet and collaborate during your meetings. And by George I think we’ve done it!

Agendas (…with templates!)

At my2be we believe every professional connection is different, and so ensure we allow you to meet in the way that works for you. However over the last few years we’ve noticed some great ways to ensure you keep your relationship on track, whether it’s starting out with a great icebreaker, or making sure your meetings are staying productive! So we’ve introduced agendas.

Organise your meeting by setting out an agenda before you meet. You will both know what to expect, and more importantly ensure that nothing is left out. Make those meeting minutes count!

We’ve added some great templates to get you going, but use these as a guide – the best agendas come from you!

Keep structure to your meetings with agendas before you meet
Keep structure to your meetings with agendas

Collaborate on meeting notes

Naturally you will make notes during your meetings. With our new collaborative notes feature you can both jot away at the same time, making sure you’re both on the same page.

Collaborate on meeting notes
Easily collaborate on your meeting notes

A space to quickly add meeting actions

Every good meeting ends in a set list of actions. You’ve been able to add actions to your meetings on my2be for a while, but we’ve made it even easier by turning your notes into structured, accountable actions! Simply highlight your notes and click ‘Add action’, and select who to assign the action to.

You’re free to go deeper by adding a description and due date to the action at the bottom. Read more on actions.

A space to quickly add meeting actions
Quickly add actions

Update through Google Calendar

Have our awesome Google Calendar integration? Well it just got even better. Make any meeting changes within your calendar and it’ll automatically sync back to my2be. No hassle!

Use Google Calendar and not enabled the integration? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 from your Settings page. We’ll integrate other calendars soon, so watch this space!

Meet and collaborate through Google Calendar
Edit your meetings from within your calendar

We know you’ll love all these updates as much as us, and agree we have made it a space for you to meet and collaborate during your meeting! Please feel free to reach out and leave your feedback. Or, you know, just to chat – we’re a friendly bunch!

Have a great Christmas!