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Not about us.

Giving everyone an equal opportunity.

Everyone – whatever their background or wherever they are located – deserves an equal opportunity to realize their full potential.

Yet as more people work remotely, providing equal opportunities for development has become harder and harder than ever for diversity and talent development teams. This is why we built my2be.

The idea for the company came when Adam, one of the two co-founders, was in the middle of his self-described “accidental career in banking”. Lost in a huge organization, and in a mid-twenties career crisis, he was saved by a mentoring program that connected him to people who provided support, opened up new opportunities and gave him a renewed sense of purpose. He quickly understood that mentoring isn’t a company ‘nice-to-have’ but a core strategy to help everyone better succeed and for business to realize improved performance.

But while Adam benefitted hugely from his mentoring experience he saw that the initiative was only available to a very few people because the tools to manage the program were virtually non-existent, making it impossible to roll-out more widely. What was needed was a better way to manage mentoring and development at scale. Thus the idea for my2be was born.

Reconnecting with his childhood friend, Damien, who had already successfully launched one startup, the pair built a technology-led approach to mentoring and development that fundamentally changed how these programs work – making them available to everyone in an organization by using technology tools to make them simple to deploy, manage and measure at scale.

Today organizations ranging from Tech North Advocates in the UK, to cloud content provider Box on the US West Coast use my2be to help their employees unlock their full potential and realize more success.

And tomorrow? We are driven by the vision that everyone, everywhere should be able to benefit from professional development. That everyone should have an equal opportunity to realize their full potential. This is the world that we are working to create. We would love you to join us on this journey.